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Boarding Policies/Hours/Pickup


  You can check-in your pet any time during our normal business hours.  We recommend that you allow yourself at least 15 minutes to fill out your pet's check-in form.  Please note that our boarding facilities are not located at the same location as our vet clinic.  The boarding facility is just down the street on the left hand side.  If we are not currently at the Red Ruff Ruff Inn please call our office number and we will send one of our staff down to check in your pet.


  You may pick up your pet any time during normal business hours.  If you would like to pick up your pet after hours on Saturday or on Sunday we may be able to work out a time with the staff working for the weekend, but there will be a set time and an additional fee.


Dogs are taken outside twice a day for exercise and elimination in an enclosed fenced yard.  Pet owners can elect to have their dogs walked an additional time per day for an additional charge. Dogs that stay five nights or longer will receive a complimentary bath  with the exception of dogs that show aggression with grooming, are uncooperative at the time of treatment, or have significant matting of their hair coat.   

In the rare event an emergency situation arises with your pet during their stay, we will notify you and/or your alternative contact immediately.  If we cannot reach you for authorization of care, your pet will receive emergency treatment  here, at East Holmes Vet Clinic.  All veterinary services, as well as boarding services, rendered to your pet are the responsibility of the pet owner and will need to be paid in full at the time of discharge.  Common problems that are seen in boarding and doggy daycare facilities that warrant medical attention include diarrhea (with or without blood), vomiting, anorexia and bladder infections.

Cats are tended to twice per day (food and water, kennel cleaning, attention). You may also elect to have extended play and attention at an additional charge.


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