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Whether you have pet pot-bellied pigs, a few 4-H animals or raise pigs for a living, we can provide the resources and treatment they need to stay healthy.

Wellness Services: In addition to routine health examinations, we offer health certificates, and provide necessary vaccinations for conditions such as rabies and erysipelas.  We can also obtain blood samples to screen your animals for pseudorabies, PRRS (Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome), and brucellosis.   We can also assist you in developing a parasite control plan.  Tusk and foot trimming services are also available.

Hospitalized Care: At our clinic, we can provide hospitalized care for your pig during times of illness.

Reproductive Services: Reproductive ultrasound services are available.

Surgical Services: A few of the surgical services we offer include routine castration and c-section. 

At East Holmes Vet Clinic we offer great animal care

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